All our products are formulated with a high biological value protein source, high quality vegetable and animal proteins, which thanks to their anabolic function, facilitate muscle reconstruction and counteract tone loss. These products, thanks to a very low percentage of carbohydrates, zero sugar and fat, help promote bowel movements and will help your body to feel less bloated. They are prised by the scientific community as comfort food that helps lower your cortisol and your stress level which also improves your mental health.

  • Panchocc Fit*

    A little treat for your sweet tooth.
    Panchocc Fit it’s ideal as a snack or for breakfast, made with the same ingredients as the other products with the addition of chocolate chips and erythritol. It can be cooked in various ways, with yogurt, fruits or even soft cheese.

  • Panfocaccia Fit*

    How often do you not have time to take a break for lunch or for a snack?
    How many times have you thought of grabbing a quick sandwich on the go, to then realise that this will only leave you with a horrible bloated feeling? You are then left with no choice to look for a different solution or even worst forced to eat a tasteless salad.
    That is why we have dedicated our time to create Panfocaccia Fit, which has the same ingredients of our pizza base but a different taste and texture. Two pieces of delicious focaccia that you can fill with your favourite ingredients, that will make the perfect lunch during your busy work schedules. It can also be used as bread substitute.

  • Piarima Fit*

    Inspired by the Italian cookery tradition, we have developed Piarima Fit, the perfect product that can be cooked in minutes and can satisfy all. Can be ate at lunch, dinner or as a snack. Our focaccia-pizza based called PIZZA RIMA, PANFOCACCIA and SCHIACCIATINA FIT are called FIT because they contain 46% less calories than the average focaccia-pizza based sold in Italy

  • Pizza base and Focaccia Fit

    Are you thinking of pizza as a “cheat meal”?
    With Ri.Ma Benessere you can eat pizza whenever you want! This is a pre-cooked base ready for you to add all your favourite toppings, which cooks in the oven in just a few minutes.
    Pizza has always been one of the globes favourite foods of the Italian cuisine, it means bringing people together. Pizza is one of the first dishes that is taken out in a weight loss diet plan however our pizza based can be ate on any occasions and it’s suitable for everyone, including those with diabetes.

  • Schiacciatina Fit*

    This product is suitable for breakfast, lunch, as a snack or as a pre/post-workout. It is made with the same ingredients as the pizza base but with a different method inspired by the real “schiacciatina livornese” which makes it even tastier. It can be cooked in the oven, in the pan or in the microwave.